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The timber confusion

I lhoooveeee timber floors. I think it gives a very warm and cozy feel – just how I like it. I thought there were just 2 types – either the real timber or the laminate one. But turns out there is an “engineered floating timber” too. Let me give a run down:

  • Hardwood – This is the real deal. Its natural wood and you can choose the species you want like Bamboo, Oak, Maple & Birch etc.
  • Laminate – This is basically the timber look alike. The top layer of this flooring is literally a photograph of wood. No kidding.
  • Engineered Hardwood – This is a hybrid of the above 2 and perhaps the one that people prefer if they want the feel and quality of timber without the cost and effort of hardwood flooring.

Laminate and Engineering hardwood are “floating floorboards” – as in they can be placed over any existing floor – even tiles. Its apparently just clicking the floorboards into place over an underlay. The markets sell this floorboards generally with the underlay attached to it. We have been encouraged to do a little research and do this on our own but… no way!
Hardwood on the other hand needs to have an underlay of ply and some other plasticy material to ensure that moisture does not get to the timber. And the timber needs to be glued, clicked and then nailed. Obviously a harder process than floating floorboards but a much long lasting one.

And there are so many choices in each variety. Its confusing the hell out of me – and so far we have only visited one store (Bunnings) to have a look!


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