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Quotes for timber flooring

So over the week, I was hunting for companies that installed timber floors and thanks to – they are basically (an awesome) website/company,  I got connected to 3 companies around our area that do timber flooring. 2 of them got back to me (Colourful Flooring & Seven Flooring) and fortunately both were pretty good in customer service and sort of matched in their quotes. Unfortunately, we are left with a confusion over which company to go with.

Samples of timber to choose from. This was incredibly hard.

Quotes we received from both exceed our expectations – AS USUAL. We were expecting around the 5k to 6k max. But the quotes has now come up to 7k (hardwood but excluding kitchen OR floating timber including kitchen). This includes the material supply, installation, 25 years timber warranty and 5 years service warranty. The sad part is that, this means that we are now going over our budget for renovation work, and we may not get to redoing our kitchen before moving in. Heart Break.

Factors that contribute to the cost:

  1. The area of the floor to be floored.
    Ours came up to 78sqm – excluding the kitchen and 13sqm for the kitchen.
  2. Type of flooring to be used – whether hardwood (most pricey), engineered floor or laminate.
    For us, laminate is out of question. The confusion is now over engineered timber or hardwood timber.
  3. Negotiation skills.
    Because this is a big job, I think negotiating a good price is always important. Coming from a developing country, this is where our negotiation skills comes in handy!

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