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Not a single soul to our first open house

We had our first open house to let out our current apartment yesterday. We made sure to keep it spotless and organised – neither of us are very good at that, so it was a big task for us. We were very anxious about how many would turn up to inspect the property but it was a big shock to us when no one showed up. Yes NO ONE. Not a single soul. It was a shock because our suburb is considered one of the “hottest” for the rental market. This suburb has a major train station, big shopping centers and the local stores, quite a wide variety of restaurants, school and medical centres all within easy reach. But yet, NO ONE seemed to want to come to inspect our apartment 😦

So we looked into why people did not shortlist us:

  1. not long enough in the market – the apartment was only advertised on the property website 3 days prior to open house date.
  2. time clash with other competitive apartment – there were 2 other apartment that were good competition to ours that was open for inspection the same time.
  3. poor photos in advertisement – the real estate agent used 3 photos to advertise our apartment and they were all taken with a point and shoot camera at night. the photos didn’t look attractive at all.
  4. un-exciting description in advertisement – the description that went in the online advert did not seem to “sell” the apartment as such. it was merely stating what was there. i personally found it very boring, but it could just be me (love my apartment too much)
  5. over priced – this is really the real estate agent talking and he may be absolutely right in saying that our apartment was a big over priced but based on the comparisons we were doing with other apartments being let out, we thought it wasn’t. so we went with out gut feeling to advertise for a  higher price. (again, i probably love my apartment too much)

We have requested a second open house. Hopefully with better photos and longer time in the market, it will get more exposure. Keeping fingers crossed.




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