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We got an awesome flooring deal!

We finalised an awesome deal on floating timber floor today with a company named Ankors. We had collected a number quotes on timber flooring from these companies:

  1. Seven Flooring
  2. Colorful Flooring
  3. Sunshine Timber Flooring
  4. Bunnings
  5. Harvey Norman
  6. St George Flooring Centre

But the standout was Ankors – a warehouse on a rather desolate side of Paramatta. It did not have the gloss and glam of Bunnings, Harvey Norman or other fancy showrooms (it actually looked a bit spooky initially) but it provided the same product and service for nearly half the price. And, these guys were recommended to us by friends who also got the product for super cheap and the quality of install at their place was good too. So why not! I must say, the lady there – Janet, was pretty patient with us. She put up with all our questions and un-decisiveness over the one strip or two strip or three strip timber, the type of timber, the gloss or no gloss and so on. It was not easy but we finally landed on Kempus timber – I loved the color. I believe its sourced from Malaysia and is relatively hard too – with a rating on 7/10. And when it came down to costs, we definitely used our negotiation skills and it worked! We were initially quoted for $63/sqm for product and install but we managed to get it for $55/sqm! So our total flooring cost now stands at $4290. That is down from the quotes of around $7000 from other showrooms. Happy… Because I’m Happy…  Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.. Because I’m happy.. Yea, I am actually singing the Happy song now.

Ankors – No gloss and glam. Just a whole lot of timber.

Quotation sheet from Ankors – There was a lot of math done


Janet – the lady at Ankors. She was very patient with us and friendly too 🙂



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