Making of Arcadia
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Moving between houses, jobs and countries.

Wooh! I am back after nearly 2 months. A lot has happened since my last post. Firstly, we got the keys..wohooo (a bit stale now) but the excitement is still fresh.

We have been on a constant roll ever since we got the keys on the morning of the 11th July. We had a potential tenant come over the same morning to inspect our first apartment – they are now renting the unit (yaay!), the flooring guys came in an hour later to start the flooring work, had the job finished 90% the same day, completed it by midday the next day. Got the movers in the day after and within hours we were settled in. A bit messy but settled in between friday to sunday!

And did I mention, moving houses wasn’t the only thing we did. We moved jobs and countries as well. My husband started on a new job the day after we moved (yaay… again!) and I have been travelling – for business unfortunately, not pleasure. Imagine this – 3 different timezones in 3 weeks – no kidding! But I am back for good and ready to start documenting our gorgeous mess.



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