The Big Move
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That’s how it is “floored”

The carpet is off and the flooring begins. The ‘Underlay’ is laid on the floor and the timber is literally ‘clicked’ and glued to each other and placed over the underlay.

Thats all the carpet that was pulled off. Disposing it is another problem.

All prepared to do some good spring clean – comfy shoes, lots of paper towel, wipes, Ajax and Windex!

Deserve a good coffee and a hearty bacon and egg roll for breakfast.

I don’t have the white picket fences…but hey, I got a white railing..

My husband’s special request – hidden audio cables. The flooring guys were not so happy with his request though as it was extra work for them… Oh.. well…

The tools of the trade

And thats how you do it.

More tools

This machine was used to cut the timber to size. It was very noisy. Made me a bit jittery whether the neighbours would complain. They didn’t 🙂

I like what I see!





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