Month: September 2014

Because its too hard to press that damn switch…

SS has been raving about replacing our existing switches with “Z-Wave microswitches” ever since we decided that the lighting in our home needs to change. These microswitches are basically smarter switches, in that it works on the Z-Wave wireless technology and in working together with a certain “Home Controller”, allows for lighting to be automated. It sounds too geeky but I am pretty much excited about this along with SS. Imagine being able to control your lights at home via mobile phone or tablet – from the office. Imagine, the lights automatically dimming down when you settle in to watch a movie! And if that imagination does not excite you then just believe me that it is just “too hard” to press that damn switch 😉 And automating the lighting is really just the start. This technology can “smarten” your locks, windows, doors, cameras, air conditioner and the list goes on. Some of the uses could be a life saver – how about receiving a text message alerting you that someone has broken into the house? Some uses are of great convenience – picture coming to an automatically …

Daughter of the Ganges – Asha Miro

I grew up reading a lot of fiction. I remember a lot of library books. Then out of school and out went all the reading. It’s been a long time since school and I am back to books. But unlike the good old times, where I was fascinated by fiction, I am now falling for non fiction – memoirs to be specific. Reading through an autobiography is like watching someone’s life unfold – through its highs and lows. And some part of me almost feels as if its part of their life story. Fortunately all memoirs I have read so far have been stories of triumph and each of them have motivated or inspired me in some way. I am currently reading a memoir by Asha Miro, titled ‘Daughter of the Ganges’. The previous one on my reading list was A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown So on the Daily Prompt question of The Great Divide, I am for non-fiction.

Kites and a feel of Dassain – ‘The Nepalese Christmas’

Its the festive season in Nepal. To my friends here in Sydney, I describe Dassain as being the Nepalese Christmas – well, at least the feel of it. Its generally good weather in Nepal – sunny with cool breeze, lots (and lots of) of food, drinks, family time, gambling and kites – yes handmade colourful kites. These kites are quite a thrill during these few days in Nepal. And its super fun. After several long years, we got to experience a bit of these authentic Nepalese kites in Sydney – thanks to a local community organisation.

Taming the wild

Is there a “Gardening for Dummies” book around? I need it. We’ve got a backyard. It isn’t a massive one. But man, the grass can grow quickly in there. Its been 3 weeks since the lawn was mowed (by my brother in law – do not judge… neither me or nor SS – my husband, have done this before) and its wilderness all over again. The previous owners also seem to have planted some “things” around the house, but I am so dumb I cannot even differentiate between weed, grass, fern etc. And neither can SS. And these things are growing “uncontrollably” all over the place. Cancel the search on Gardening for Dummies. Is there a Gardener instead? — This post is also a contribution to The Daily Post.

Me – in a flash

This is me in a flash … a really quick flash 😀 Greatly value the Nepalese culture. I was born there and am Nepali at heart. Love experimenting in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled though. I am just a disaster chef. Married to my college sweetheart – A nerd. Mental note: Aawww how cute. Lead the digital department of a very challenging industry. Pretty cushions & cute puppies aren’t the only things I like. A good breakfast is all it takes to make me happy. I could even have breakfast for dinner. Daily Prompt: Flash Talk

Smarter Power

I am telling you… we are getting smarter. Na, its neither my hubby nor me … I am talking about our home. Mr Nerd, has installed this really cool device that is smart enough to power off all of our entertainment system when they are not in use (it basically checks if TV is in use). In fact, if it “senses” no activity in the room, it will power off too – of course with a warning first. This can be a bit annoying when you are physically glued to the couch watching a movie and this smarty pants sends a warning that it wants to turn the TV off. Hey and did I mention, I can simply use my remote to restore power and turn the TV on too 😉 Unfortunately, while our home is becoming more smart, its possible we are becoming more lazy. Oh well… Can you believe it, we bought on eBay for just $19.95 And, its super easy to install. No Really, it is. Watch this video:

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

After a long long time, I am back to reading – the old school way. Yep, I bought a book after ages – a book that need flipping. I basically just wandered into the book store and picked up a biography. And what a great pick it was! I bit sad that I am nearly at the end of it. But so happy to have got to known ‘Cupcake’. A NewYork bestseller. Definitely a recommended read. Ready, Set, Done!

Our first “real” DIY project – Automated Garage Door

So excited to share our “victory” of our first real DIY project – installing the motor to automate our roller garage door. Wohooo!! In our first apartment, we paid around $600 to get this installed, including the motor. But this time, thanks to my “courageous” hubby, we just paid $264 for the Chamberlain motor (from Bunnings) and saved on labour 😉 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener: Video Instruction:

God of all remote control is here!

My husband is a nerd. A big nerd. And he goes nuts over gadgets. Some are pretty useful, others I wonder… “but why?” I thought I should share some of his finds. Having tech freak at home means having a very complex entertainment system. There are so many remotes that I honestly have to pause a while to decide which remote I need to use to control the device – after pausing a while to decide which device to use. And I consider myself reasonably tech savvy. This is a single remote that has been programmed to not only switch between the devices but also enable/disable associated devices if needed. So if I want to watch movies, no more switching “sources”, no more “turning on the home theatre”, going into the “movie mode” etc. It’s all programmed to one button. That’s all I need to know. Yeah, its god. It’s priced $80 on the logitech website: But he bought it on eBay for $50: