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Smarter Power

I am telling you… we are getting smarter. Na, its neither my hubby nor me … I am talking about our home. Mr Nerd, has installed this really cool device that is smart enough to power off all of our entertainment system when they are not in use (it basically checks if TV is in use). In fact, if it “senses” no activity in the room, it will power off too – of course with a warning first. This can be a bit annoying when you are physically glued to the couch watching a movie and this smarty pants sends a warning that it wants to turn the TV off. Hey and did I mention, I can simply use my remote to restore power and turn the TV on too 😉

Belkin Home Theatre Standby Power Controller

The Belkin B2B047 Home Theatre Standby Power Controller – This little device automatically manages power to the TV and the rest of the home entertainment system. Smarty Pants.

Unfortunately, while our home is becoming more smart, its possible we are becoming more lazy. Oh well…


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