Life as we know it
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Me – in a flash

This is me in a flash … a really quick flash 😀

  • Greatly value the Nepalese culture. I was born there and am Nepali at heart.
  • Love experimenting in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled though. I am just a disaster chef.
  • Married to my college sweetheart – A nerd. Mental note: Aawww how cute.
  • Lead the digital department of a very challenging industry. Pretty cushions & cute puppies aren’t the only things I like.
  • A good breakfast is all it takes to make me happy. I could even have breakfast for dinner.
Gorgeous Chaos in the making

And currently, creating chaos at our second home & documenting the process on this blog!

Daily Prompt: Flash Talk



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    • Well we’ve moved in and the process of actual settling in has started. We are mostly updating the tech side of things to get out home more “smart” – see Posts under ‘His Gadget Affair”. Thank you for taking time to read 😀

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