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Taming the wild

Is there a “Gardening for Dummies” book around? I need it.

We’ve got a backyard. It isn’t a massive one. But man, the grass can grow quickly in there. Its been 3 weeks since the lawn was mowed (by my brother in law – do not judge… neither me or nor SS – my husband, have done this before) and its wilderness all over again.

Our backyard has the "wild" side

Our backyard has the “wild” side. Grass just keeps growing and growing and growing. One more weekend chore… arrrgghh…

The previous owners also seem to have planted some “things” around the house, but I am so dumb I cannot even differentiate between weed, grass, fern etc. And neither can SS. And these things are growing “uncontrollably” all over the place.

Grass, Weed, Plants, Ferns - I have no clue what they are.

Grass, Weed, Plants, Ferns – I have no clue what they are. They are just “things” that grow.

Just chopped things off - my style.

Well, we’ve got to do, what we can do. So we have chopped “things” off – the best we would. And it looks ugly – like a really bad hair cut – A really really bad one.

Cancel the search on Gardening for Dummies. Is there a Gardener instead?

This post is also a contribution to The Daily Post.


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