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Daughter of the Ganges – Asha Miro

I grew up reading a lot of fiction. I remember a lot of library books. Then out of school and out went all the reading. It’s been a long time since school and I am back to books. But unlike the good old times, where I was fascinated by fiction, I am now falling for non fiction – memoirs to be specific. Reading through an autobiography is like watching someone’s life unfold – through its highs and lows. And some part of me almost feels as if its part of their life story. Fortunately all memoirs I have read so far have been stories of triumph and each of them have motivated or inspired me in some way.

Daughter of the Ganges by Asha Miro

‘Daughter of the Ganges’ – An international bestseller by Asha Miro. Its a story of adoption and teaches you that one does not need to be related by blood to be called a family.

I am currently reading a memoir by Asha Miro, titled ‘Daughter of the Ganges’. The previous one on my reading list was A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

So on the Daily Prompt question of The Great Divide, I am for non-fiction.



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    • You are most welcome! Do share some of yours, if you have any recommendation. I am almost done with this book and am on the lookout for the next 🙂


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  4. POODLE says

    Since yesterday I am growing crazy over the thought of a girl child adoption..somehow this post gives me a very positive vibe. Unable to conclude why but it does, this book is going to be my next read.


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