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Because its too hard to press that damn switch…

SS has been raving about replacing our existing switches with “Z-Wave microswitches” ever since we decided that the lighting in our home needs to change. These microswitches are basically smarter switches, in that it works on the Z-Wave wireless technology and in working together with a certain “Home Controller”, allows for lighting to be automated. It sounds too geeky but I am pretty much excited about this along with SS. Imagine being able to control your lights at home via mobile phone or tablet – from the office. Imagine, the lights automatically dimming down when you settle in to watch a movie! And if that imagination does not excite you then just believe me that it is just “too hard” to press that damn switch 😉

And automating the lighting is really just the start. This technology can “smarten” your locks, windows, doors, cameras, air conditioner and the list goes on. Some of the uses could be a life saver – how about receiving a text message alerting you that someone has broken into the house? Some uses are of great convenience – picture coming to an automatically cooled home after a big day of shopping in the outdoors. And there are other uses, that you simply question “but why…”, such as getting an app on your phone to draw the curtains in the room. This could only validate that you are just plain lazy.

Anyways, we are sticking with automating switches – for now. We’ve selected the Z-Wave switches to purchase. The electrician has been informed (and prepared) on what is to be installed. The circuit layout & placement of switches have been finalised. SS has reviewed, double reviewed and triple reviewed the Z-Wave product as he plans to program the switches himself once they have been installed – yep, I will be updating about this as well 😀

The electrician’s work begins this weekend and we are excited. More to come!
See our progress on Lighting Automation on this link: https://ourgorgeouschaos.wordpress.com/tag/home-automation/

Avant Garde in adopting Home Automation!



  1. I like to read about an ordinary person’s experience about their smart home. Mostly one gets the geeky version that is the “pie in the sky” outlook.

    I’m interested to hear what is your view about the cost compared to the benefits you got or will be getting from your project?


    • With home automation, I think majority of the people right now don’t really know the possibilities. And in the first instance, it does sounds like an experiment for the tech nerds. When my husband first talked to me about it, I thought yes, it’s cool but I wasn’t sure of the practical uses & I didn’t see any retailers selling these “smart devices”. But as I read more and heard more, I am more confident in investing.
      Think of the iPhone lifecycle. Initially, it was perceived for the techies coz it’s so “smart”. But now, despite the fact that it’s one of the more expensive smart phones, people invest in it. I think the same will happen with home automation. The more they hear and learn about it, they will want it and it will become the norm.

      I see you are in the home automation business. You should definitely follow my updates 😀


      • Thanks for reply.

        I’m actually not in the automation business. I will describe myself as an enthusiast that see the potential of home automation and thus trying to bring this technoligy to the ordinary person in chewable chunks. 🙂


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  4. You win. You are miles ahead of me, but since it’s not a race, I’d be delighted to enjoy your fancy lighting but it’s too hard for me to make all those wiring changes 🙂


    • I agree.. it is too hard. Thank god for electricians! And thank god for accessible roof cavity – it makes all the difference in making things easy for them during wiring!


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