Making of Arcadia
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Some styles are “ageless”

We are getting our lights changed – starting with the exteriors then on to the interiors. For our exterior lighting, we are still sticking to the more classic lights to go with the feel of the house. Our house has a bit of character that I do not want to lose by just blindly trying to modernise everything – SS tends to do that a lot in trying to get the “latest of everything”. And I keep arguing that its not a piece of software or technology that you always need to be updated with. Some styles are “ageless” – like I felt with these exterior lights.

Old exterior lights

I very much like the classic style of the exterior lights. But these old lights have seen a lot of seasons. Its all rusty now and needs to be put to rest 🙂

New exterior lights

Wollah… our new lights. We have stuck to getting a “classic” style – I think it retains the character that our home has. That LED bulb however does not look flattering, yea?

New exterior lights by the night

Well, the white bulb isn’t too bad by the night. So I should say it’s okay 🙂

I must say I get excited about the littlest thing!


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