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The “luxury” at Shanghai International Airport

The Daily Prompt theme of “In Transit”, reminded me of this photo I took, a couple of months back, at the Shanghai International Airport’s business lounge – inside the ladies toilet. (Yes, I pulled my phone out while in there).

Luxury of  "cleansing the rear & front"

Business class waiting lounges at international airports always have a lot of luxury but I have never seen any other airport give the luxury of “cleansing your rear” or your “front” – and in so many different modes. I wasn’t too curious to try.

I know this post has hardly anything to do with the actual theme of the daily prompt, besides matching the title itself, but I thought to share this nevertheless 😀 I found it rather funny. Have you come across such fancy toilets before?



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  2. I’ve come across something similar at a Tokyo hotel toilet near Shibuya station. None of the command functions were in English, and I’d no knowledge of kanji whatsoever. I wound up pushing a command button that overheated the seat and very nearly burned my rear.

    That toilet’s utter opposite, the worst city toilet in the world IMHO, was at the station. I still have nightmares about crouching over that filthy thing.


  3. That’s a new one to me, and made me smile. Never thought of it in terms of “front cleansing” and “rear cleansing,” Still laughing 🙂


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