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My Petunias need your prayers

After much research … I have landed on planting Petunias in front of the house. Why I chose Petunia?

  1. They were on sale at Bunnings – This is my first go at gardening. So of course, I was not going to spend fortune on getting a “designer plant” . Yes, there are such thing as “designer plants”.
  2. I wanted something that gave a lot of flowers for the same gardening effort – I think seeing a lot of bloom, will make me appreciate gardening a lot more.
  3. The flowering season is said to be Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring – This means bloom all year round. Good for me!
  4. They are pretty and comes in all of my favourite colours – deep red, white, blue, lavender.
Petunia at the entrance

Please include my plants in your prayers. I just planted them the day before. They look so delicate. I don’t want them dying while so young.



  1. Good Luck with your Petunias! If you have any questions about what to do, we’re always more than willing to help.
    -The Plant Guys at GrowIt!


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