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Sending virtual hugs

Just wanted to send through virtual hugs & “cookie love” to all of my 56 followers 😀 Yes, 56! Its a drop in the ocean for many seasoned bloggers out there but I am pretty stoked about my “achievement” – as WordPress tags it. It’s nice to know someone – besides my father, is interested in what I have to say! Well, its more than just a nice feeling. It feels GREAT!

Cookie love

Sending virtual hugs and cookie love to my followers. Stay with me… I’ve got lots more to share

I started this blog a couple of months back to document our settling in process at our new home – mainly for my family overseas who are in a different time zone and I am told I don’t “update them enough on what’s going on”. But I ended up discovering a new community. I have blogged elsewhere before but the community on WordPress have got to be the best. And the quality of content that some bloggers write is amazing. And the photographers!! OMG there are some geniuses out there. And then there are some hilarious & downright outrageous ones.

Blogs with amazing photos & basically makes me want to quit my job and travel the world:

This blog will make me fall in love with ANY food. ANY.

This blog has some hilarious content and equally entertaining conversation in the comment section. I love reading through the comments.

This blog makes me want to have a baby.

These are just some that immediately come to my mind. I am a newbie on WordPress. I’d love for you to share blogs that you think I should follow. I like easy readings – generally happy ones, good food & travel blogs and I like a bit of humour too – just in case you didn’t sense it 😀



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