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It was like finding gold

Mint in the backyard

Well, guess what… in some corner of our backyard – amidst all the grassy wilderness, I spotted some mint! I was so excited – it was like finding gold! (Or, may be not. I am sure I would be far more excited to find ‘real’ gold than mint). The funny thing is, I am not even fan of mint. I was basically just thrilled to see something “useful” growing – sort of on it’s own. I didn’t plant them, so it must be the previous owners.

Cleared the weed around the plants & watered them well. I suddenly feel like I have a green thumb 😉

Now, I am thinking, what do I do with these mints… What should I make? All I can think of is a mint chutney, my mum used to make. Care to share some recipes/ideas anyone?



  1. Mint tea, definitely! :o) Or a herby cous cous with other herbs like coriander and thyme, fresh chopped chilies, lemon and feta or grilled halloumi cheese. Feeling hungry just thinking about it!


  2. Oh, I love mint. I saw something that I thought was mint when we moved into this house, but it was lemon verbena instead. Do you ever make sun tea? Mint is good for mojitos. And tzatziki.


    • I had to google what lemon verbena and sun tea was.. Duhh.. Looks like sun tea is similar to iced/herbal tea. Havent made them but I do like them. Will have to try. And mojitos – brilliant idea!!


    • Yea, I think mojitos will definitely be on my list 😉
      I tried mango shake with mint (trying to be creative) – bad idea!


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