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A ‘cockpit-like’ view of descent to Sydney

A couple of months back, I flew Emirates A380 Airbus from Dubai to Sydney. The inflight entertainment on the flight is the worlds best apparently. Not surprised, as there was an awesome lineup of movies and I had widescreen – that’s all that matters anyways, isn’t it? But one thing I really enjoyed was watching the plane descend on a cockpit-like view and do the landing – right ahead of you through the inflight screen, not the side window. I took these with my iPhone to share with my sister – she is a fanatic when it comes to planes. I thought it would be fitting for the photo challenge on the Descent theme. Please excuse the bad quality of the photo though, I had just seconds to capture it!

Cockpit view of landing in Sydney

Cockpit-like view of landing in Sydney, from the upper deck of Emirates A380.



Touch down

I believe at this point, it was touch down.

I have never been inside the cockpit of a plane and never known what it would actually be like to sit on the pilot’s seat and watch a plane land – for real. So this is experience is probably the closest that I will get to having “my own flying experience”. Now I regret not capturing a video instead. Dayumm..


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