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Living room wall in need of some inspiration

I am a decor dumbo. Its been 4 months since we moved and I have not been able to figure out a wall art for the living room. I could really use some help here with some ideas, blogs for inspiration, sites/shops where I could buy some (reasonably priced) art – digital print, canvas art, textile art, etc? Please do not tell me to DIY – I am not good at it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I am probably 3.

So far I have been browsing/visiting these stores:

Help me people.



  1. Hi from someone living in Nepal who just stumbled across your website! Good luck with everything! Anyway, it looks like you’ve got good bones in your place so it should be fun to play around with ideas until you come up with your decorating style. A blog that’s full of millions (it seems like!) of decorating ideas of all sorts is Besides all their links, you can also put anything into the “search” button, such as brick wall, :), and find tons of ideas. Be careful though–it’s addictive! If you have time, come on over and visit my blog. Have a nice day and happy decorating! (Oh, you’ll also find recipes if you click on their sister site,


    • I should have paid more attention to your warning on these sites being addictive… A few minutes on the site and I am hooked. And yes, lots of ideas for a brick wall. THANK YOU for sharing!!
      P.S. And I will be following Himalayan Happenings closely too. Hope Nepal is treating you well?


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