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Not quite right

I recently purchased a wall art from society6 website and I was so excited to get it hung up. And, I bought a frame for it yesterday from Ikea. But unfortunately, after all that measuring & googling around, I still did not get the right frame. So now it looks rubbish. Here is why:

  1. The art size is 56cm x 71cm. The frame sizes in Ikea either allow for 50cm x 70cm or 70cm x 100cm. So I bought this largest one because it’s mount opening was 49cm x 69cm & it would have fit the artwork – but I missed considering the fact that I was measuring the artwork including the borders!!  The print area of the artwork was only 46cm x 61cm. So now the picture looks like I have it cut it out of a magazine and stuck it to the photo frame.
  2. And this particular large size ikea frame does not have a glass for front protection! I didn’t even notice this while buying because it has a plastic covering and I basically assumed the glass front would be there – Thats how it is in most cases isn’t it?
    Ikea website describes the product to have “Polystyrene plastic” protection – well yes, but it’s just the packaging!!!

Not quite right
The picture does not fit right and there is no glass front. So basically, my picture now looks like a crappy piece of craftwork stuck on a notice board.

I am pretty sure Ikea is not going to take a return on the frame. And I obviously cannot enlarge the artwork. I will probably have to get a smaller frame then cut the out the artwork to fit it.  And I also wonder if we can get a custom sized mounting board. Any ideas?



  1. I am not sure where you are but there is a costume framing in Arncliff area where we did our painting and they are good and considerable cheaper than other place. Check this post and go to the painting pic.

    The framing cost us as much as the painting itself as it is 5 ft X 3 ft but I am sure yours one will be cheaper. They have lots of options so I am sure you can find what you are looking for. I can send you their number if you are interested.


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