Making of Arcadia
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Built-Ins – Thats how its done.


Its strange that this 3 bedroom house only has one wardrobe. Because of which, the third bedroom was serving as a storeroom for most of our stuffs – until we got this built-in installed. We really did not think much over this. Send out quote requests on to a couple of companies with good reviews, called in 2 companies to give me a quote, chose one, set appointment, setup work from home then in 3 hours we had it installed.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Thats how it started.

Started off with a blank ‘canvas’ wall. (And meet Bill from Sydney Design Wardrobes).

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Thats where the sliding door goes in

Aluminium frames for the sliding wardrobe doors.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Smart tools

Not sure what this little clipper like tool did but it seemed to hold the horizontal beam in place.


Frames nearly done. Btw, Bill was incredibly fast.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - The frame is ready

Thats it. Now ready for the shelves to come in.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Glad to have space outside for drilling & cutting

Glad to have some space in the outdoor for all the cutting and drilling. This task would have meant quite a bit of mess if it had to be done indoors.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Measurement is key

Not a centimetre was off. If it was, then this guy was incredibly good in concealing it from me.

 Installing Built-In Wardrobe - cutting into size

Within minutes he was cutting off all the planks of wood as it was a piece of paper. He was obviously very confident.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - This reminded me of maths in school

And this just reminded me of maths back in school. I can’t understand why were had to memorise so many formulas. No one uses these formulas out of memory in the “real world” anyways.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - All the planks ready to be fit in.

And back to the topic of built-ins…. All the planks ready to be fit in.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Its taking shape.

Shelves are in. And the wardrobe is taking shape.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - Drawers ready to go

The drawers are all lined up and ready to go too.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - sliding mirrored doors

Drawers and shelves are in. Next is time for the 3 mirrored sliding doors. Thankfully for Bill, a helper arrived to add the finishing touches too.

Installing Built-In Wardrobe - 3 hours later, its all done.

And 3 hours later, its all done.
Btw, contrary to my fears that the room would now look congested because of the wardrobe, the room actually looks brighter & bigger. Probably because of the mirror and the reflection of the window.

We used Sydney Design Wardrobes and cost us $1050 – this was a Christmas special price, I  believe. Competitive pricing and nice folks.



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