Month: December 2014

Happy Holidays

Time to unwind…

It’s getting real. The holidays are here! Last couple of weeks have been crazy at work. I was basically in a frantic ‘wrap-up’ mode. And now I am so ready to unwind, relax & of course hit the stores for those ever so inviting Christmas sale  😉 Happy holidays every one! Advertisements

The mini paint job

The mini paint job

Anything DIY, we are hopeless so any little project completed is a big triumph. Like this little ceiling paint job. All we needed to do was just repaint small areas of the ceiling where the old lighting had been removed and gyprock re-patched. But SS was hardly bothered by the little marks and basically lazy to work on it. And I was so nervous to do this myself. Nervous that repainting the patch was going to make the ceiling took even worse and we would end up needing to paint the entire ceiling. But it was so easy peasy – just as the Bunnings had told (convinced) me. I was advised to buy this tiny tub of paint and mini size roller brush – the size of the tools gave me the confidence that it really WAS a tiny job and I was just overreating.  2 coats, 2 hours apart and the patches were almost invisible. I almost feel confident to repaint the whole ceiling… but naah, that definitely is over ambitious.

12 Apostles

Gone but not (yet) forgotten

The christmas and new year break is so close, I can almost smell it. And I am reminiscing over the amazing holiday we had last year. Our 2013 Christmas holiday, was a prreetttty expensive one. My sister had decided to leave the cold American snow for a month, with great hopes and dreams of enjoying the Australian beaches & soak in the summer heat, so of course, it couldn’t be anything but AMAZING. We “conquered” beautiful beach towns from Cairns in the north to Port Campbell in the south. I especially cherish the last 3 days of the trip (because it was a “sisters-only”, ssshhh..) in Victoria – Melbourne city, the fantastic great ocean road drive and of course the heavenly 12 apostles. The irony of this trip is that we lost all the photos!!!!! It was SS’s “fatal” software update on our media server that wiped out everything. EVERYthing. Its been nearly 12 months now. We managed to recover most of the photos. But we lost all the photos of the last few days our sisters-only trip. The memory is slowly …