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Gone but not (yet) forgotten

12 Apostles

The christmas and new year break is so close, I can almost smell it. And I am reminiscing over the amazing holiday we had last year.

Our 2013 Christmas holiday, was a prreetttty expensive one. My sister had decided to leave the cold American snow for a month, with great hopes and dreams of enjoying the Australian beaches & soak in the summer heat, so of course, it couldn’t be anything but AMAZING. We “conquered” beautiful beach towns from Cairns in the north to Port Campbell in the south. I especially cherish the last 3 days of the trip (because it was a “sisters-only”, ssshhh..) in Victoria – Melbourne city, the fantastic great ocean road drive and of course the heavenly 12 apostles.

The irony of this trip is that we lost all the photos!!!!! It was SS’s “fatal” software update on our media server that wiped out everything. EVERYthing. Its been nearly 12 months now. We managed to recover most of the photos. But we lost all the photos of the last few days our sisters-only trip. The memory is slowly fading away and I miss the photos even more. Gone but not (yet) forgotten…

The memories are tightly held on these few captures taken with the phone. (God bless smartphones).

Bells Beach

Bells Beach – The Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition happens here over the Easter weekend. Obviously, one of the best waves for surfing.

Great Ocean Road

The drive along the Great Ocean Road is amazing and cannot describe the awesomeness of the view in words. We stop along this beach on the way to 12 apostles for a tea break

Weird pretty things

Weird pretty things along the shore…

12 Apostles

12 Apostles – I describe it to be almost heavenly. My sister and I watched the view in awe and soaking in on all the beauty. I remember taking tons of photos but nothing looked as good as the actual view itself.

For this day tour of the Great Ocean Road, we went with a touring company – Go West and I found it to be of a really good value & well timed and I loved every minute of it. For $120 pp, we stopped by Apollo Bay, Bells Beach, Rainforest in a National Park, Loch Arg Gorge (llooooved this place too) and even saw the Australian “London Bridge”.

Aahh.. .as I type this and remember the places, I miss the photos, yet again…

The Daily Post: Gone, But Not Forgotten



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