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The mini paint job

The mini paint job

Anything DIY, we are hopeless so any little project completed is a big triumph. Like this little ceiling paint job. All we needed to do was just repaint small areas of the ceiling where the old lighting had been removed and gyprock re-patched. But SS was hardly bothered by the little marks and basically lazy to work on it. And I was so nervous to do this myself. Nervous that repainting the patch was going to make the ceiling took even worse and we would end up needing to paint the entire ceiling. But it was so easy peasy – just as the Bunnings had told (convinced) me. I was advised to buy this tiny tub of paint and mini size roller brush – the size of the tools gave me the confidence that it really WAS a tiny job and I was just overreating.  2 coats, 2 hours apart and the patches were almost invisible.

I almost feel confident to repaint the whole ceiling… but naah, that definitely is over ambitious.


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