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I am still sulking that holidays are over.

I am alive! Just sulking over the fact that the holidays are over. Yes its been a week since work started and I am still sulking over the by gone holidays.

During the break, SS and I flew over to Tasmania. It was so good (& it was much needed). It started off with our flight tickets being free. Well, sort of free. I paid for the entire trip using my Qantas Frequent Flyer points! Perks of being a jet setter 😀 And booked into a 4 star mystery hotel via for $110 per/night. I was excited when I booked the rooms but was a bit disappointed to see the hotel. Best Western Hotel will only get an “average” for its facilities & sophistication. Anyways, we had just 4 days and we did not plan to spend too much time in the hotel. I only had 3 things in my to-do list:

  1. Go to Mt. Wellington
  2. Go to the Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site
  3. Pig out on the local produce at Salamanca Markets

SS had only 1 thing in his list:

  1. Get beer and laze in the beach

Well, Salamanca Markets and beach did not happen. The famous Salamanca markets apparently only happens on weekends – bad research on my end. And hobart’s beaches aren’t easily accessible – closest one about an hour via local bus. But we managed a few other things:

  1. Bus tour of Hobart
  2. No Mercy Strolling Theatre performance
  3. Bruny Island Tour – this is where we got to do taste a lot of local produce
On the way up to Mt. Wellington

It was a foggy drive to Mt. Wellington. Reminded me very much of the Darjeeling hills in India.

Mt. Wellington - south side

Mt. Wellington – south side. The view was basically white. It was a bad day to get to the mountain.

Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site

The solitary confinement cells for convicts besides the chapel. The cells inside had no sunlight and was so poorly ventilated.


Poorly ventilated passageway from the chapel to the convicts cells.

Poorly ventilated passageway from the chapel to the convicts cells. This was spooky.


The chapel & the penitentiary walls with thumbprints of convicts

The chapel & the penitentiary was apparently built by the convicts and some of the bricks still have the convicts thumbprints on them.


Bus tour of Hobart

Loved the bus tour of hobart. Got to see most of the city. It felt so much like Europe.

Cascade Brewery - oldest in australia

Cascade Brewery – oldest in australia

Bruny Island - Adventure Bay one side and Great Bay on the other

And then it was the tour of Bruny Island. This view shows Adventure Bay one side and Great Bay on the other.


Berry farm in Bruny Island

Berry farm in Bruny Island

Berry picking.

Local grown berries. All organic. We could eat them straight from the plants.

Bruny Island Wine (pretty pricey)

Bruny Island Wine (pretty pricey)

Wine tasting at Bruny Island

Wine tasting at Bruny Island.

Small vineyard in Bruny Island

Small vineyard in Bruny Island

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting. This was divine.

Cheese tasting

I loooove cheese. But I am not a cheese connoisseur & not into fancy (smelly) cheese. I just like hard cheeses you find in the shopping aisle.

Locally grown peach chutneys

Locally grown peach chutneys. These were amazing. And … you guessed it…not cheap. We couldn’t resist buying a couple of them.

Fresh Oyster tasting in Bruny Island

And of course there was Fresh Oyster tasting …



On Christmas day, Hobart turned into a zombie-land. So we headed to watch a movie – Big Hero 6. We had the entire theatre to ourself!

More photos in my flickr album here >>

How was your holiday? Are you done sulking that the holidays are gone? I think I will need a couple more weekends before this feeling wears off.



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