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Kheer – a creamy nutty dessert

I created history in my kitchen again with my another “first”. I made the ‘Kheer’. This is Nepalese special-occasion-only dish, generally served as main meal for lunch. I always hated it because it is so milky & warm & sweet, until recently I tasted a different version of this Kheer served as a dessert. It was creamy rather than milky. It was chilled. It was still sweet but with a nutty flavour to it. It was a friend’s recipe. So of course, I borrowed it. And she was nice enough to detail the whole process. It took me about 2 hours. No kidding.


  1. Full cream milk- 2 lt
  2. Rice- 2 fist full
  3. Sweetened condense milk- 80ml
  4. Almonds- coarsely ground- 1/3 cup
  5. Saffron threads- 1 pinch ( a very small pinch- say about 8-10 threads)
  6. Pistachio- coarsely ground- 1 and half table spoon ( pls make sure it’s unsalted- learnt the hard way:))
  7. Cardamon I/4 teaspoon Save some nuts to decorate at the end.


Soak rice in a bowl big enough to mash the rice roughly.

In a nonstick heavy based pot boil the milk in medium to low heat until it’s reduced to about 65 to 70%. Make sure to stir it properly from the base so that milk solids don’t stick in the base. Put rice in the milk and keep boiling till the mixture is about 1 ltrs in total. Then add the condensed milk and bring it to boil.  Put the ground nuts and cardamom powder and saffron threads and mix well.

I should mention that I had to keep stirring continuously to keep the milk from overflowing – this was hard work. The kitchen top was quite messy by the end, because the milk kept overflowing.

Then put the mixture into a tray, top it with more nuts and and refrigerate. Best thing is you can prepare this a day in advance and still makes a great dessert for the guests the next day 😉

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