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Say hello to Oscar!

Say hello to Oscar

I’ve been quiet for a while now – SS and I are swimming through some rough tides. We¬†hope to reach calmer waters soon. Together of course ūüôā .¬†Amidst all this, a little ray of sunshine is our new furry family member, Oscar. He is an adorable little beagle pup who loves people, loves any corners, loves to sleep, and … pee everywhere (he is getting better at it). He¬†is 12 weeks old today and he even attended his first day at puppy pre-school yesterday. Yes, we are proud “puppy-parents”. The process was pretty daunting. Here is a simplified version….just in case anyone is thinking of a pup.

Selecting the Beagle breed:

We had been thinking about getting a pup ever since we moved into our new place. But we always doubted ourselves. But lets just say, this year, we decided to “take the plunge”. I had been researching on the breed and the breeders for months. The Beagle breed was selected as the preferred breed.¬†A number of practical reasons for it – does not shed too much, relatively healthy compared to other breeds, known to be affectionate & friendly and smart. And the bonus, – they¬†look so damn cute!


Selecting the Breeder:

I was certain that I either only wanted to pick one up from¬†a registered breeder or adopt one from the adoption centre. SS was not really fussed if we got one from a backyard breeder either. I, on the other hand tried to be as ethical as possible. I could not spot a beagle pup on adoption websites – I waited quite a number on months. We ended up selecting Oscar from a registered breeder called¬†TeamDog in Penrith for $1000. All other registered breeders were either¬†too far from Sydney, did not have litters, or were too expensive. One breeder also refused to give us¬†a pup, because of our 90sqm backyard. Beagles are known to be very active and need big space. No offence taken from the breeder for that. After all they are on the lookout to make sure their pups have happy ever afters as well. However, I did not get this objection¬†from any other breeder. If you did not know this, these registered breeders usually breed from “champion” bloodlines. So you know that their parents are healthy and have been trained and disciplined well – they win national shows after all. At first, I was very much after a “champion bloodline”. But after hearing the cost, I stopped being so choosey. TeamDog is still a registered breeder but Oscar is not from a champion bloodline.


Selecting the Sex:

We read that in the Beagle breed, the females lead the pack and were more stubborn. The males on the other hand were more “silly” and more relaxed. We went for the sillier sex. ¬†We did not plan to further breed from the dogs, and we planned to desex them anyways, so no other difference mattered. By the way, females are much more pricier.

Oscar asleep on slippers

Selecting the Name:

Apparently, according to SS’s colleague, dogs respond well to names that end with a “e” like “Molly”, “KiKi”, “LiLy”, “Indie” etc. ¬†But we couldn’t come up any such names. The first name, I thought of Coco, which I thought was too girlish. Then the next was¬†Oscar. There was a lot of who-ha about the name in our family. And there were some really weird names suggested. There was even Bruce Lee. I thought it was pretty funny. But we stuck with¬†Oscar.

Yes, the watering can is taller than him.

Here are some links that referred to:

We have spent 3 weeks with Oscar now and we have learnt so much about being responsible pet owners. Will share our experience in the next post. Its time to change the wee-pad…

This post is also a part of The Daily Post: Ephemeral РDo you know how hard it is to capture a photo of a pup? You have seconds to capture the moment into a clear shot. Just seconds.


  1. Oscar is so cute! I got a Yorkie this summer and can relate to raising a puppy. It was so much harder than having an outside puppy. One day he just seemed to get the whole “Let’s go potty outside.” idea and has been great ever since. I wish lots of luck and lots of fun!


    • Thank you Amy. And Yorkies are such cutie pies as well. Do you blog about your puppies? Would love to read through your experiences.


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