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Nails, Fleas and Nipples

That title sounds absurd but will make sense shortly.

We took Oscar to get his nails clipped and found out that our assumption of long nails is actually not long for puppies and he did not need clipping.

Those are not long nails for puppies.

Oscar’s nail – he scratches us a lot and assumed his nails had grown too long and needed to be clipped. We were so wrong.

And he has got fleas instead. Poor guy. We knew something was wrong when he was the only guy scratching away at his puppy school (yes, there is such a thing). I feel we have let him down. He was on a once a month “dose” of Advocate, which is a treatment for fleas & worms and we’ve had to increase this to twice a month.

Oscar's flea treatment.

Each treatment means an application of that tube into his skin. 

And lastly, those tiny lumps you see next to his groin are not tumour. They are his nipples. Sorry no pictures of his nipples. No matter how cute some things are, its best not to share them publicly.


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