Life as we know it, Oscar
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Our lives (and this blog) has been taken over. Completely.

Its true. Ever since we brought home Oscar, our lives have been completely taken over. SS and I are both movie buffs but we have not watched a movie ever since we have Oscar! No kidding. Both of us were mentally prepared to take on this overwhelming task of bringing home a puppy but I don’t think we were physically prepared. Taking care of a puppy means constant watching. Did he pee? Did he poo? Did be bite? Did he chew? Its endless. It is QUITE a bit of work but while we are helping him grow, in a way, he is helping us too. Here is how.

Oscar being handful has made us more active. SS takes him for a run every morning of weekdays. Without Oscar, getting SS out of bed would have been quite a task. I leave work exactly at 5pm. Without Oscar, my work hours would easily extend beyond 5pm. I also avoid any other teleconference meetings from home. I take him for a run/walk after work. Without Oscar, I would have preferred to warm the couch. The same on weekends. My mornings start early because I need to take him for a walk/run. I am now hoping to lose some weight!

Oscar on his walk

Oscar on his walk with my husband. Oscar needs to sniff every fallen leaf. He is a hound. Can’t blame him.

We are more conscious of our time. He needs to have have 3 meals a day.  The first before we leave for work. So its always a mad rush. I prepare his room, toys with treats, room with pee pads etc while he is on a run. And when is back to have his first meal, I even manage breakafst. That never used to happen before. We also have dinner on time and make sure Oscar has his on time. He always needs to poo within the hour of eating – and we need to watch him, else he could start having some fun with it. He usually finds him own poo amusing – Lets leave it to that. When we are out for dinner we make sure we are back on time. We don’t like leaving him alone too long. He gets bored obviously and starts to whinging. And of course he gets hungry too.

We are always on our guard. Always. Because he is locked up in a spare room while we are off to work, we make sure he has some “run-around” time when we are home. That means just constant watching where he goes and what he does. We especially need to watch him for signs that he needs to pee. And when we know, we drop everything we are doing and rush to direct him to the pee pads where he is being trained to pee. Our house is puppy proofed. Sort of. We haven’t really hidden away things from him reach. Rather we are teaching him not to chew & bite on things besides his toys. This is quite a physical task and requires a lot of patience.

We are never alone.

We are never alone.

We are now watching our budget very closely! Puppies are expensive. We had done our research on some basic stuffs like cost of food & insurance, but we had never considered other expenses that as a puppy owner you really cannot do without like pee pads, toys, treats,  lots of wipes & spray cleaners, lots and lots of toilet paper, extra vet bills and some things you can do without. These “must haves” in my list really needs a new post.

We need lots of cleaners

Ever since Oscar came in, we have a huge range of cleaners at home. We also have 4 different kinds of mops for his frequent ‘mishaps’ in the laundry, kitchen and living room. We try not to get him into bedroom. We “try”.

Anyways, thats how our lives have been taken over. And of course, as you can see, this blog has been taken over my updates from Oscar as well. How about you? Do you have a furry family member that has taken over your life?



    • With Oscar, I hardly get time to write. But I make sure to take lots of photos…they make good memories 🙂


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