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Big Little Lies

Its been a while since I got hold of a good interesting book. And this book ‘Big Little Lies’ was fabulous. I honestly could not keep the book down until I had finished it. In just 3 days, I should add. Everyday, I looked forward to my 50min train commute to/from work, just to catch up on it. If you are into fiction and murder/crime mysteries, this is an absolute smasher.

The book circles around women. Mums to be specific. And although I am not a mum, there were many instances that I could completely relate myself to. There were moments where I smiled – involuntarily. There was also a moment when I gave a “whaaaa??” – that was a sincere shocked sound. The book is just very intriguing, till the end.  No wonder its Australia’s No. 1 and a New York Times Bestseller.

I am just sad that I don’t have anything else to read on my way to work tomorrow. Better get my hands on something new.


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