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A solo weekend in Paris

I was in Paris a couple of weeks back. It was a solo 3 day trip (which I rarely ever do) and boy was it good! I was amazed by the history and beauty in every corner of the street. I mean literally every corner had a bit of art and a story.

I took the flight to Paris from London Heathrow. It was a last minute booking and actually worked out to cheaper than taking the Eurostar, which was my initial plan. The flight was just an hour and it saved me from waking up too early in the morning. I hate that.

Metro from CDG to Paris Central

The metro in the CDG airport isn’t hard to find. Probably just about 10 minutes walk inside the airport.

3 day Paris Visite Pass

I bought the 3 day Paris Visite Pass covering zone 1 to 5 which basically allows multiple travel within the city and also to and from airport for 3 days. This cost 55 euros. I was glad I did my research earlier on, because the ladies at the ticket counters spoke very little english and saw them not so happy when tourists asked too many questions.

My room via AirBnB

I booked a room via AirBnB this time. The price was much much cheaper that the hotels. And the location was perfect. The room was cosy and flatmate was friendly. My stay was pretty much private. And the transaction over AirBnB was so easy and hassle free. This was my first booking via AirBnB but definitely will not be my last.

warm cheesy crepes

Warm Cheesy Crepes. Just my type of glorious food. I loved this.

Streets of Montmartre

Everything about Paris was beautiful, but I fell especially in love with the Montmartre area. Cobbled street, cute little restaurants, lots of wine and lots of artists everywhere.

Eiffel tower in a distance

The iconic tower. I used my instincts to walk in the direction of the tower without google maps. Bad idea. Thank god for my comfy shoes.

Such a romantic place!

Such a romantic place!

My itinerary:

I planned a very strict itinerary for my 3 days and followed it strictly. It might sound strange but I wasn’t too interested in shopping. This was primarily due to the luggage restriction on my flight to Paris from London. No regrets. Some places I toured:

  • Eiffel Tower – Of Course. The queues to the top was ridiculous.
  • Louvre – Saw the Monalisa for real.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Opera Palais
  • Concorde
  • Montmartre
  • Sacre-coeur Basilica
  • Le Marias – great to walk around
  • Sienne River – you can’t really miss this.


 More photos on all the ‘toursity’ places in my flickr album here >>


Some must have apps:

Other must haves:

  • Comfy walking shoes. The best way to see Paris is on foot. I was in my trainers the whole time.
  • A windproof jacket. It was autumn when I visited Paris. But I was so glad I had a light jacket & a scarf.
  • Extra battery power pack. This is really a must have for any travel.
  • Selfie stick. If you are travelling solo, carry a selfie stick, no matter how silly you look.


  1. Sounds like you are like me with your strict initerary. I just want to see as much as possible, even on short trips! Lovely photos of Paris ❤


  2. Thank you for this post, it has given me some ideas for our visit next month.

    One question: Did you go to top of Eiffel Tower and how long did you have to wait?


    • Yes I did. I went right to the top. (You can buy a ticket to only get to the first floor as well). Firstly, the queue to the tower was too long – and very slow moving too. I got into the tower around 4ish and then there was another slow moving queue waiting for the lifts to the get to each floor. By the time I got back down, it was about 8:30pm. Unfortunately most of that time was spent waiting for the lifts – but of course, you had the good view of Paris while waiting as well. I got to see both the day time and night time view. Enjoy your visit!


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