His Gadget Affair, Oscar
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The love & hate relationship with the ‘Oscar-Cam’

I have a love hate relationship with this cool IP camera that we have installed at home. I’ll tell you why.

Once we decided to leave Oscar out in the backyard while we were away to work, we needed a way to watch him. So on a colleague’s recommendation, SS ordered this IP camera. Its called the Foscam (Model FI9831W). We call it the ‘Oscar-Cam’ 😀 . Its been fitted in a position that allows us an almost 360 view around the garage, where Oscar’s kennel is & the backyard. . And once installed, you can use an app on your smartphone to access the camera or can access via any standard web browser on a PC or MAC. Of course, you need to have internet access. You can rotate the camera around, you can ‘hear’ & ‘speak’ to the other end, you can capture a video or a screenshot. Hey and it even has night vision! I must say, the audio quality isn’t superb but it allows really smooth high definition video transmission.

And SS says it was super easy to set it up, all plug and play. I think it was more difficult for him to get the camera perched up on the ceiling!

Watching Oscar while we are away

Oscar, home alone. But a relief to watch him and know he is fine.

I love it for obvious reasons – it gives me a peace of mind to see him happily playing, or sleeping or digging… And its so easily accessible. However, I have started to hate it because I am a weeee bit obsessed with it. Because it is so easy to use, I use it too much! It is just me though… I am just a little too emotional than SS. If I notice Oscar is not in my view, I will probably check the camera every other 5 minutes. At one point, I even had the camera turned on and propped on my desk at work….almost the whole day. And when I see Oscar loitering around…seemingly bored…or waiting for us to get back..it breaks my heart and makes me feel so guilty for leaving him all alone.

Hate to watch Oscar wait for us to get back home. Breaks my heart.

This sight just breaks my heart – Watching him wait for us to get back home. Don’t mind our messy backyard – thats life with a very active puppy.

Sometimes, we are also helpless. We watch him bring out the blankets from his bed into the yard, or tear it to pieces, or even worse…watch him enjoy the sudden rain and give himself a nice muddy rub for hours. We can call out to him, but of course he has learnt to ignore it. But lets be positive. At least, we are both mentally prepared to face the disaster when we got back home.

If you are considering getting one for yourself:

We bought the Foscam FI9831W model for about $150 AUD from the Australian Foscam website, which now seems to have been discontinued and is replaced by a newer model FI9831P.

All the tech specs on the the Foscam FI9831W – on Foscam US website.

Online stores you can still get the Foscam FI9831W from:



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