Life as we know it, Oscar
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Oscar is 1!

Our little pooch turned 1 yesterday! He is now a “young dog”. How amazing is that!

We started changing his diet to Royal Canin Adult couple of weeks go in preparation for his covering 12 months of age. He was on Royal Canin Junior prior to this. But he hasn’t been eating well for the last couple of days. Took him to the vet today and its probably got to do with us rather than him. We have been treating him too much. #Guilty. So starting today, we are going to be very strict. No treats until he eats his meals. Its going to be more tough on us than him honestly.

And hey, he can sit all by himself in the car – with proper seat belts, of course. I don’t need to have him on my lap anymore. Yaay… That’s a milestone! He is still getting used to moving around in the car with the seat belts around him. He usually gets tangled which is hilarious to watch. I know it sounds wicked, but I take it like a brain exercise for him. Let him work it out how to get untangled 😉



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