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Remake of a Nepalese favourite

I have no English name for this. Its basically a spicy yoghurt mix of pomelo and various oranges/mandarins and is a Nepalese favourite. It sounds a like a weird choice of ingredients but it’s awesome for those sunny lazy afternoon cravings. Fresh, tangy and yumm. … of course, that is if you like spicy.

Pomelos are either hard to find or are super expensive in Sydney. So this is a ‘remake’ with only mandarins.

Peel & cut 2 naval oranges/blood oranges into bite size pieces. To the oranges, add a teaspoon of salt, chilli powder, a spoon of sugar and then yoghurt. I used Jalna’s sweet and creamy yoghurt (this yoghurt is to die for!!).  In a small frying pan, heat about 1.5 spoon of oil. Once the oil has heated, add about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and fenugreek seeds. Wait until the fenugreek seeds have turned dark brown. Remove from heat and pour the heated oil into the orange mix. Then mix the whole thing together well. Add chilli/salt/sugar as per liking.

And try it chilled. I love it like that. Leave it in the fridge for a few minutes before eating/indulging!




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