Life as we know it, Oscar
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Its a wart.

Its a wart. And its in his tongue. Yiiikes. No, you don’t want to see the pictures of this.

We took Oscar to the vet only to get a very “not-so-important” response on this wart like thing on his tongue. Turns out its not uncommon in dogs. And it doesn’t cause any harm to Oscar. Its just an “unwanted growth”. The vet asked us to wait for a weeks to see if the wart grows or spreads. And it has 😦 Thankfully only on this tongue. But I think that makes it tougher.

The options we have are to wait for it to just fall off or to do a biopsy and get it surgically removed. The vet has suggested we wait for it to fall off. But its really hard to do that since its viral and he could be spreading it to other dogs. And it’s not easy to ignore even though Oscar himself is probably totally unaware of this.The cost to get this done however is a whopping $1100! We are hoping that our pet insurance will save us from this. Oscar is on a Standard Pet Insurance with Bupa and that will hopefully cover 80% of the damages excluding the excess of course. Wish us luck on this.


Oscar with his beloyed toys - The Ropes

Here is a picture of Oscar anyway… I’ve been told I am a typical “dog mom”.  Haha. I am! This is Oscar with his favourite toys – Ropes! He loves to play Tug of War with it and can stay long hours just tearing them apart. Imagine the number of times this place needs vacuuming. Chaos!





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