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‘Goldbera ko Achaar’ – my new found love

I miss my mom’s home cooked Nepalese food. In several attempts to be like her… I have earned myself the title of a ‘disaster chef’. But I am getting better at this… for real. A typical Nepalese dinner of rice & curry is usually accompanied by ‘Goldbera ko Achaar’ which directly translates as Tomato Pickle. But its not really a pickle since its not fermented. In fact, its more of a salsa since its a fresh mix of tomato with herbs and spices, with a Nepalese twist of course. And this ‘goldbera ko achaar’ is my new found love. I thought I would share this – especially for my sister – and all those that miss the feel of a typical Nepalese dinner.

Get your ingredients together:

2 ripe medium sized tomatoes. 1 small/medium old whiting fish (optional). 3 red chillies. 4 cloves of garlic. about 10-15 stalks of coriander (or as you like it). 1/2 a medium sized lemon.

Roast them:

The tomatoes – Cut up the tomatoes into 5 pieces each and grill them on high for about 30 minutes. Or you can dry roast them in a non-stick pan works as well. Its okay to have a little char on the outside – just make sure they don’t get burnt right through.

The chillies – Roast the chillies directly over the heat. Getting this charred to about 60% should be sufficient. Ensure you have the ventilation turned on.

Grind them:

Grind the tomatoes in a grinder (or pestle if you have patience).

Grind the chillies together with the coriander and garlic on a pestle into a smooth paste. Patience pays off here. So keep working until you get a smooth paste – or just get the husband to some kitchen duty 😉


If you are out of patience, don’t add the coriander stalks. Makes the grinding easier.

And here is an optional ingredient for those with a Nepalese taste (I say this because I have known many non Nepalese to loathe this. So you have been warned): Get one old whiting fish. Clean it up. Remove the head. Marinate it with pinch of turmeric, a pinch (only a pinch) of salt, garlic and ginger paste for about 30minutes – at least. Then deep fry it. Let it cool. And then grind it in the pestle along with the rest.

Mix ’em up:


It does not need to look perfect. And you don’t need to get the amount to ingredients 100% right. Go by intuition. Or just take numerous dips of taste 😀

Then mix this paste with the tomato onto a bowl. Add in a teaspoon of salt and squeeze the lemon juice. Keep adding salt and lemon until you get the taste right for you. That’s it!

Honestly, this dish is so simple to get right. I don’t know why I didn’t try it earlier. I am just so excited by this ‘achaar accomplishment’. Enjoy your dinner with this golbera ko achaar.

You are welcome.


P.S. I should probably mention that this ‘accomplishment’ was only possible because of my husband’s one brave attempt to make this dish happen – for me. Feeling the love all over the achaar…



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