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Experimenting with Home Assistant

The home automation side of our world seems to be a bit quiet at the moment. But not really. There are things “cooking” in SS’s head right now. Usually we talk about what he is planning on but lately with my pregnancy and the new bub, we have hardly had time to talk anything other than nappies, poos, sleep, settling etc.

Anyways, I thought I should update a little on what is happening. SS is trying something new. Yes, we are experimenting. Yet Again. This time SS is trying out a new home automation software called Home Assistant. This will essentially replace OpenHAB that we are currently using. OpenHAB has been working perfectly fine, as far as I know. But I it is the curiosity in SS to try something new –  basically to code in Python – that has let to trialling out Home Assistant. Okay, let me correct that. We are past the trialling phase. We are definitely moving to Home Assistant. I will perhaps put up a post on his comparison between the two systems, but for starters, SS says, the interface in Home Assistant is a lot better than OpenHAB and the configuration is simpler too.

And on a side note, our house is one big experiment.


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