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Sharing space

Its been over 5months since Oscar has had to share “his space” with a new human in the house. This has meant a bit of adjustment not just for Oscar but for us as well. But we are getting better everyday.

Oscar’s (almost) daily walk continues which he loves. We walk about 4.5km. Its great workout not just for him, but for me too. I have not been able to loose the baby weight yet 😦

Oscar at Moore Reserve

He is also more comfortable around baby AS. He has stopped jumping up to see her or sniff her. And gives the most gentle licks to her feet – of course, with our supervision. We do not leave the baby alone with Oscar. Ever. He is more free to roam around the house. Of course there are still restrictions such as the couch and bed.

becoming friends

The twist in the story now is that baby AS is more interested in Oscar. She will bend over backwards – literally  – to see Oscar. Has her giggles going when Oscar follows. We have even “used” Oscar to keep her from throwing tantrums. But Oscar on the other hand is the calmest he has ever been. He walks – not jumps – around the house, plays with his own toys, lazes around wherever he wants, minding his own business and pretty much ignores the baby.

But despite this big brother attitude, I know there is still a puppy dog in him and he craves our attention. And I am glad he is doing this by being such a good boy!

Minding his own business


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