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Mama’s made dinner

This mama has learnt to cook for her baby. And is super proud.

Preparing baby food is really simple. But I must have done hours of reading before gathering the courage to actually make it myself and feed it to my baby girl. Here is one I prepare for dinner which she loves.

Stage 1 Homemade Baby Food – Sweet potato with carrots

  • 1 cup diced sweet potato – washed and peeled
  • 1/2 cup diced carrots – washed and peeled

sweet potato and carrots

  • Add ingredients into a saucepan and pour water just enough to cover the food
  • Cook until food is soft – soft so that carrots and potatoes are nearly disintegrating
    I usually use a pressure cooker to cook allowing for at least 3 whistles. In my first two attempts, I did not cook it enough and ended up with a not-so-smooth puree and my LO basically choked on her food. Failed big time there (and I nearly got a heart-attack)
  • Strain the water out but do not throw it


  • Puree the cooked veggies into a smooth paste. Use the water saved to make puree process easier or until the desired consistency is achieved.

This makes 12 tablespoons of puree i.e approx 120ml.

Few things I learned before I got here:

  • It is recommended you introduce solids when baby is about 6months. But then they also say every baby is different and you can’t go by the books for everything. My baby started at 5months. She loves her solids.
  • First food introduced is referred to as Stage 1 – this is the highly pureed, lump-free smooth paste food stage. The ingredients chosen for stage 1 are easily ‘digestable’.
    • Stage 1 Fruits to choose – Apple, Banana, Mango, Peach, Pear, prunes
    • Stage 1 Grains to choose – Rice, Oats, Barley
    • Stage 1 Veggies to choose – Sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, peas, avocado
  • When solids is first introduced, its most likely that baby’s poop will be more “solid”… like a paste…If LO has trouble pooping, then you probably want to avoid rice, apple and banana. Prunes apparently help ease constipation.
  • Avocado puree does not need to be cooked.
  • There is no definitive answer to “How much should I feed my 6mo” (Believe me, I’ve googled this. A LOT). The best conclusion I reached is 1 to 3 tablespoons per meal as per this website or as my mom says – ‘as much as the baby wants’.
  • Pureed vegies can be refrigerated and used up to 2 days and those in the freezer can last 3 months without losing its nutritional value. (But honestly, why would you freeze food for so long!)

  • 1 ounce equals approximately 2 tablespoons.


Well, thats it. The recipe is so damn simple, it probably doesn’t need to be written down, but anyone who is a new mom will understand the slight degree of paranoia behind preparing your baby’s first “meal”. Hence this post. Please tell me I am not alone.


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