Hi there!

I am Supriya and my husband (SS) and I have won an auction to a beautiful house! This is our second home but feels like the first, because this time we have our own private entrance – with our own roof. I tell you, it DOES make a difference. Feels more like a home. And so we are thrilled! And purely out of the excitement of owning a house, I decided to start documenting the process of making a home out of this house.

Gorgeous Chaos in the making

Why am I calling it Gorgeous Chaos?

Well, this place needs some work. The house was built about 25 years ago. And although it has been maintained very well, it does feel like we are living back in time.  In someways, I like it – coz I am a little old school that way – I like cosy, homey-feel stuffs rather than ultra delux super modern stuff. And this place has feel. But there are some that desperately need some changing – starting with the blue carpet… uuuggghhh! The kitchen & the bathroom although fully functional needs a bit of updating too. The question is on timing and budget. And for the first time ever we have a lawn! Excited to have it but not so excited to be maintaining it. And did I mention I am a decor dumbo? I absolutely am. So you see, lots of things are going to happen or will need to happen, but given his and my time management, decor and handyman skills, I think there will be CHAOS. But hopefully in the end, it will be GORGEOUS!

What else will you find in this blog?

SS and I are a bit of a nerd too. In fact, SS is a technology freak and I am sure to be updating all his quirky tech updates we do to our home. You should read the section on His Gadget Affair to read about technology updates on our home and especially our home automation projects – It’s quite exciting… or at least we think so… [Nerd Alert]

I like experimenting with food and I document my successes and semi-successes under Food Adventures. There are a lot of disasters that happen in my kitchen. I conveniently leave them out of this blog – for your benefit. Really.

And Places! SS and I love to go on drives and take lots of photos. I am also trying to hone my photography skills. So you will see this blog FULL of big photos. Hopefully, you will see better photos with every post.

And now we have a little beagle  named Oscar, just adding to the chaos.




    • Making Nepali food makes me feel a little closer to my origins 😀 I am not really the best at it but I try nevertheless. I just read up on your project in Nepal. Great work – and thank you for that. Nepal is beautiful place isn’t it?


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