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Beyond the pink and the flowers

While shopping around for my 6mo baby girl, I had an eye opening moment – to see in real – how we pre-define what girls and boys should like …right from size NB. Seemed like all the pretty pink and the flowers were for girls. The smart things were for boys.


Oscar lately.

With the bub in the house, Oscar realises that he is no more the centre of attention. Fortunately, this hasn’t made him angry or aggressive but he definitely feels we are not giving him  much time. Call me crazy but I can “see” him show his emotions.   Oscar is a very affectionate and loving dog. So if there is a little bit of jealousy about the love for him being shared with someone else, it is very understandable. Playtime and cuddle time has reduced and his access around the house is restricted and this change is not a happy one for him. I try my best to make time for him – and only him – everyday. Hoping this change wont be too long for him. Can’t wait for these two babies to become friends!

Oscar learning to wait for hugs

Oscar is 19months now and his capacity to learn new commands is getting slower. One of his bad habits is jumping up on anyone new that walks into the house – not with a intention to bite though. He is just super happy to see a new human being. And you can imagine his excitement when his favourite human walks through the door after work.  In this video, we are teaching Oscar to contain his excitement and basically wait to get his most awaited hugs. It’s a work in progress. Oscar learning to contain his excitement on seeing his favourite human come home from work. #beagle #beaglepuppy #beagles #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #puppy #dogsofsydney #dogtraining A post shared by @ ourgorgeouschaos on Jul 29, 2016 at 3:49am PDT This command will be most useful, now that we have a little human in the house as well! If you have a furry family member and are teaching him new tricks and commands, I’d love to know!

There is going to be more chaos!

Wow, it has been over 3 months since my last post. Time flies – at supersonic speed. Lots has been going on and I just haven’t had a chance to log them all as much as I want to. One of the biggest is that we have a new addition to our world of chaos… a baby girl..wohooo! This new mum and dad are over the moon 😀 She is just a couple of weeks old and as you can imagine our lives currently revolves around poos, wees, nappies and some crazy sleepless nights. Lets just say, the last few days have been “adventurous” and we are learning everyday. We have given her a beautiful Nepalese name, but will refer to this little bundle of joy as AS on this blog. Needless to say, there will be more chaos in the house.  

Optimistic about our furry little chaos :)

To be very honest, the first few months that we had Oscar, we thought this was a bad idea (although I never admitted this out loud), because we just could not train him. He couldn’t understand us and we couldn’t understand him. We just felt like ‘bad parents’ and felt guilty for being frustrated over him & his mini disasters all over the house. But now, nearly 1 year down the track, we are getting so much better. And we are so much more optimistic 🙂 In fact, I feel a sense of pride on getting Oscar to where he is now. I just wanted to share with you a proud moment during his meals. Oscar never jumps up for food. He waits patiently until he is given the “command” to eat. Watch this video. Of course, we don’t “torture” him so much on his every meal as in this video. But he is definitely asked to wait until the food bowl is on the floor. And he waits ever so patiently!    

Its a wart.

Its a wart. And its in his tongue. Yiiikes. No, you don’t want to see the pictures of this. We took Oscar to the vet only to get a very “not-so-important” response on this wart like thing on his tongue. Turns out its not uncommon in dogs. And it doesn’t cause any harm to Oscar. Its just an “unwanted growth”. The vet asked us to wait for a weeks to see if the wart grows or spreads. And it has 😦 Thankfully only on this tongue. But I think that makes it tougher. The options we have are to wait for it to just fall off or to do a biopsy and get it surgically removed. The vet has suggested we wait for it to fall off. But its really hard to do that since its viral and he could be spreading it to other dogs. And it’s not easy to ignore even though Oscar himself is probably totally unaware of this.The cost to get this done however is a whopping $1100! We are hoping that …

Oscar is 1!

Our little pooch turned 1 yesterday! He is now a “young dog”. How amazing is that! We started changing his diet to Royal Canin Adult couple of weeks go in preparation for his covering 12 months of age. He was on Royal Canin Junior prior to this. But he hasn’t been eating well for the last couple of days. Took him to the vet today and its probably got to do with us rather than him. We have been treating him too much. #Guilty. So starting today, we are going to be very strict. No treats until he eats his meals. Its going to be more tough on us than him honestly. And hey, he can sit all by himself in the car – with proper seat belts, of course. I don’t need to have him on my lap anymore. Yaay… That’s a milestone! He is still getting used to moving around in the car with the seat belts around him. He usually gets tangled which is hilarious to watch. I know it sounds wicked, but I take …

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

I am a sucker for crime stories – fiction or non-fiction and all the drama, the mystery and investigation that surrounds it. I loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, so this next book, Dark Places, wasn’t a tough choice for me. Like Gone Girl, I couldn’t put this book down until the very last page. I kept my weekend free, just to finish this book! While the book is a very interesting read, I (unfortunately) keep comparing it to Gone Girl- for obvious reasons. In short, this book is very interesting with loads of mystery but does not supersede Gone Girl. By the way, this book was on the ‘Crime’ shelf at Dymocks. Not the fiction shelf.

Big Little Lies

Its been a while since I got hold of a good interesting book. And this book ‘Big Little Lies’ was fabulous. I honestly could not keep the book down until I had finished it. In just 3 days, I should add. Everyday, I looked forward to my 50min train commute to/from work, just to catch up on it. If you are into fiction and murder/crime mysteries, this is an absolute smasher. The book circles around women. Mums to be specific. And although I am not a mum, there were many instances that I could completely relate myself to. There were moments where I smiled – involuntarily. There was also a moment when I gave a “whaaaa??” – that was a sincere shocked sound. The book is just very intriguing, till the end.  No wonder its Australia’s No. 1 and a New York Times Bestseller. I am just sad that I don’t have anything else to read on my way to work tomorrow. Better get my hands on something new.

Oscar tired after some training

Oscar is only being his normal self. A puppy.

We called in the professionals last week to help us train Oscar better and get rid of his “bad” behaviour. By bad behaviour I mean running away with socks, getting up on couch, jumping and his many pee episodes. By the end of the one hour session, we were convinced that nothing was a bad behavior and that Oscar is just being his normal self i.e. a little puppy. A puppy from whom we expect a lot. Even though he is only a dog, we want him to understand the human language and behave like a human being. We were getting frustrated about it being so hard to train him. But for the first time, we realised that Oscar must be equally frustrated because he is just not understanding what the heck these human wants him to do. If we don’t train him well and consistently, he will never learn. So basically, we had to train ourselves to train him. Besides learning to use the few basic commands for Sit, Down, Come & calling his name for attention, a …