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The love & hate relationship with the ‘Oscar-Cam’

I have a love hate relationship with this cool IP camera that we have installed at home. I’ll tell you why. Once we decided to leave Oscar out in the backyard while we were away to work, we needed a way to watch him. So on a colleague’s recommendation, SS ordered this IP camera. Its called the Foscam (Model FI9831W). We call it the ‘Oscar-Cam’ 😀 . Its been fitted in a position that allows us an almost 360 view around the garage, where Oscar’s kennel is & the backyard. . And once installed, you can use an app on your smartphone to access the camera or can access via any standard web browser on a PC or MAC. Of course, you need to have internet access. You can rotate the camera around, you can ‘hear’ & ‘speak’ to the other end, you can capture a video or a screenshot. Hey and it even has night vision! I must say, the audio quality isn’t superb but it allows really smooth high definition video transmission. And SS says it was …

Mint in the backyard

It was like finding gold

Well, guess what… in some corner of our backyard – amidst all the grassy wilderness, I spotted some mint! I was so excited – it was like finding gold! (Or, may be not. I am sure I would be far more excited to find ‘real’ gold than mint). The funny thing is, I am not even fan of mint. I was basically just thrilled to see something “useful” growing – sort of on it’s own. I didn’t plant them, so it must be the previous owners. Cleared the weed around the plants & watered them well. I suddenly feel like I have a green thumb 😉 Now, I am thinking, what do I do with these mints… What should I make? All I can think of is a mint chutney, my mum used to make. Care to share some recipes/ideas anyone?

Taming the wild

Is there a “Gardening for Dummies” book around? I need it. We’ve got a backyard. It isn’t a massive one. But man, the grass can grow quickly in there. Its been 3 weeks since the lawn was mowed (by my brother in law – do not judge… neither me or nor SS – my husband, have done this before) and its wilderness all over again. The previous owners also seem to have planted some “things” around the house, but I am so dumb I cannot even differentiate between weed, grass, fern etc. And neither can SS. And these things are growing “uncontrollably” all over the place. Cancel the search on Gardening for Dummies. Is there a Gardener instead? — This post is also a contribution to The Daily Post.