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Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

I am a sucker for crime stories – fiction or non-fiction and all the drama, the mystery and investigation that surrounds it. I loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, so this next book, Dark Places, wasn’t a tough choice for me. Like Gone Girl, I couldn’t put this book down until the very last page. I kept my weekend free, just to finish this book! While the book is a very interesting read, I (unfortunately) keep comparing it to Gone Girl- for obvious reasons. In short, this book is very interesting with loads of mystery but does not supersede Gone Girl. By the way, this book was on the ‘Crime’ shelf at Dymocks. Not the fiction shelf. Advertisements

Big Little Lies

Its been a while since I got hold of a good interesting book. And this book ‘Big Little Lies’ was fabulous. I honestly could not keep the book down until I had finished it. In just 3 days, I should add. Everyday, I looked forward to my 50min train commute to/from work, just to catch up on it. If you are into fiction and murder/crime mysteries, this is an absolute smasher. The book circles around women. Mums to be specific. And although I am not a mum, there were many instances that I could completely relate myself to. There were moments where I smiled – involuntarily. There was also a moment when I gave a “whaaaa??” – that was a sincere shocked sound. The book is just very intriguing, till the end.  No wonder its Australia’s No. 1 and a New York Times Bestseller. I am just sad that I don’t have anything else to read on my way to work tomorrow. Better get my hands on something new.

‘The husband’s secret’ & my reading corner

I just finished up reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It was interesting. Does not fall among my favourite but was still a good read. Had lots of “domestic drama” in it. It felt like I was watching the series of Desperate Housewives. I actually quite liked reading the epilogue at the end. None of us ever know all the possible courses our lives could have, and maybe should have, taken. P.S. And that’s my favourite corner of the house. Perfect for reading with a good cup of coffee and loads of calorie laden cookies. I like it messy. And my mom will be happy to see me use the very flowery bed sheet she gave me. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

By far one of the most addictive books I have read recently. The twists and turns in the story – phewww!! I was a bit disappointed with the ending though, it felt a bit abrupt. I kept turning the pages to see if I missed anything. Basically it left me wanting more! ‘Intricately twisted and deliciously sinister’ – Courier Mail. I read an intro to Sharp Objects at the end of the book and it sounds pretty interesting too. What do you have on your reading list? Any recommendations? The Daily Post : Spinning Yarns

Room by Emma Donoghue

This weekend while SS and the electrical guys worked on installing the Z-Wave switches indoors, I soaked up the sun outdoors & kept myself busy with this fabulous book recommended by my colleague. Isn’t it nice sometimes, to not have any ‘other’ plans – not needing to constantly keep yourself aware of the time, not rushing to keep up? Just your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, a good dose of coffee, warm sunshine, a good book and just lots of time.

Stabbed Ego by Luke S. Kennedy

I had not read a book since I left college – several years ago. But couple of weeks back, I felt sort of compelled to buy this book called Stabbed Ego mainly because it was an autobiography of my gym instructor. I just felt the need to support him. I honestly did not really have much hopes on the book but I was really curious to know what a (good looking) instructor, with an beautiful wife and a pretty successful business, had so interesting about his life that he had to write a book about it. I sort of guessed it would be one of those many “stories of success” that people write. And it was, but it wasn’t just about the highs in life. It was also about the lows – the countless lows and worst that one can be. As I started reading it, I was shocked – more so because I was not able relate this character in the book to the gym instructor that I knew. And then I was intrigued. By the end, I was inspired …

Daughter of the Ganges – Asha Miro

I grew up reading a lot of fiction. I remember a lot of library books. Then out of school and out went all the reading. It’s been a long time since school and I am back to books. But unlike the good old times, where I was fascinated by fiction, I am now falling for non fiction – memoirs to be specific. Reading through an autobiography is like watching someone’s life unfold – through its highs and lows. And some part of me almost feels as if its part of their life story. Fortunately all memoirs I have read so far have been stories of triumph and each of them have motivated or inspired me in some way. I am currently reading a memoir by Asha Miro, titled ‘Daughter of the Ganges’. The previous one on my reading list was A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown So on the Daily Prompt question of The Great Divide, I am for non-fiction.

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

After a long long time, I am back to reading – the old school way. Yep, I bought a book after ages – a book that need flipping. I basically just wandered into the book store and picked up a biography. And what a great pick it was! I bit sad that I am nearly at the end of it. But so happy to have got to known ‘Cupcake’. A NewYork bestseller. Definitely a recommended read. Ready, Set, Done!