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Sharing space

Its been over 5months since Oscar has had to share “his space” with a new human in the house. This has meant a bit of adjustment not just for Oscar but for us as well. But we are getting better everyday. Oscar’s (almost) daily walk continues which he loves. We walk about 4.5km. Its great workout not just for him, but for me too. I have not been able to loose the baby weight yet 😦 He is also more comfortable around baby AS. He has stopped jumping up to see her or sniff her. And gives the most gentle licks to her feet – of course, with our supervision. We do not leave the baby alone with Oscar. Ever. He is more free to roam around the house. Of course there are still restrictions such as the couch and bed. The twist in the story now is that baby AS is more interested in Oscar. She will bend over backwards – literally  – to see Oscar. Has her giggles going when Oscar follows. We have even …

Oscar’s first training video

Just having a chat with a cousin of mine on dogs (she loves animals), got me looking through old videos. And I found this. This is the very first training we gave to Oscar. He was about 12 weeks old I suppose. He was such a cutie then. I mean, he still is. But just look at his size! Good thing about Beagles (and most dogs, I am told) is that they would do anything for a treat.

Its a wart.

Its a wart. And its in his tongue. Yiiikes. No, you don’t want to see the pictures of this. We took Oscar to the vet only to get a very “not-so-important” response on this wart like thing on his tongue. Turns out its not uncommon in dogs. And it doesn’t cause any harm to Oscar. Its just an “unwanted growth”. The vet asked us to wait for a weeks to see if the wart grows or spreads. And it has 😦 Thankfully only on this tongue. But I think that makes it tougher. The options we have are to wait for it to just fall off or to do a biopsy and get it surgically removed. The vet has suggested we wait for it to fall off. But its really hard to do that since its viral and he could be spreading it to other dogs. And it’s not easy to ignore even though Oscar himself is probably totally unaware of this.The cost to get this done however is a whopping $1100! We are hoping that …

Oscar is 1!

Our little pooch turned 1 yesterday! He is now a “young dog”. How amazing is that! We started changing his diet to Royal Canin Adult couple of weeks go in preparation for his covering 12 months of age. He was on Royal Canin Junior prior to this. But he hasn’t been eating well for the last couple of days. Took him to the vet today and its probably got to do with us rather than him. We have been treating him too much. #Guilty. So starting today, we are going to be very strict. No treats until he eats his meals. Its going to be more tough on us than him honestly. And hey, he can sit all by himself in the car – with proper seat belts, of course. I don’t need to have him on my lap anymore. Yaay… That’s a milestone! He is still getting used to moving around in the car with the seat belts around him. He usually gets tangled which is hilarious to watch. I know it sounds wicked, but I take …

Oscar is 10 months!

3 doggie beds, 2 cushions, 4 pairs of bedroom slippers, 3 slippers, 1 shoes, 2 food bowls, 1 leash, 1 tshirt, 2 sweatshirts, 1 sock, 1 roll toilet paper, and uncountable number of toys. Gone. Oscar is 10 months old today. And he weighs 16.5 kilos. He is a strong boy now. And he is truly a part of the family. He has learnt a few commands and also figured out that I am the “soft” one that can be dominated and SS is the “master”. He plans his stubbornness accordingly. You know what I mean? Anyways, I thought I should share some updates on Oscar. One thing that we can’t seem to properly train him on is not to jump. He doesn’t bite, but he will jump and hung, and lick any friends or stranger that approaches him. This behaviour terrifies my little nephew and in fact terrifies us to see this 16 kilo animal get hyper active. Not sure how we will get him trained up on this. Wish us luck.