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Happy Holidays

Time to unwind…

It’s getting real. The holidays are here! Last couple of weeks have been crazy at work. I was basically in a frantic ‘wrap-up’ mode. And now I am so ready to unwind, relax & of course hit the stores for those ever so inviting Christmas sale  😉 Happy holidays every one! Advertisements

12 Apostles

Gone but not (yet) forgotten

The christmas and new year break is so close, I can almost smell it. And I am reminiscing over the amazing holiday we had last year. Our 2013 Christmas holiday, was a prreetttty expensive one. My sister had decided to leave the cold American snow for a month, with great hopes and dreams of enjoying the Australian beaches & soak in the summer heat, so of course, it couldn’t be anything but AMAZING. We “conquered” beautiful beach towns from Cairns in the north to Port Campbell in the south. I especially cherish the last 3 days of the trip (because it was a “sisters-only”, ssshhh..) in Victoria – Melbourne city, the fantastic great ocean road drive and of course the heavenly 12 apostles. The irony of this trip is that we lost all the photos!!!!! It was SS’s “fatal” software update on our media server that wiped out everything. EVERYthing. Its been nearly 12 months now. We managed to recover most of the photos. But we lost all the photos of the last few days our sisters-only trip. The memory is slowly …

Our victory over the month of July

This July was particularly taxing both for SS and me. Firstly, we got the keys to our new place. We renovated. We moved. SS moved jobs. And I was travelling (for business, not pleasure unfortunately) most of the time. I was literally in 3 different continents in 3 weeks – no kidding. But we survived and the first August weekend, we granted ourselves a weekend ski trip to up to Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains. It was amazing. This was by no means our dream vacation. But it was one of our best. To be able to release all that stress accumulated over the previous month, it was like being offered a chilled lemonade after completing a marathon under 40degrees heat – not that I know how that feels, but we can imagine! We survived July. We felt Victorious. Featured in: The Daily Post: Dreamy

King-Size Breakfast

If you have read a little about me, you would know I am sort of a sucker for good breakfast. A hearty breakfast just feels right and sets the day straight for me. Unfortunately, my weekday mornings are always in a mad rush and I can barely manage a bowl of cereal. So, I (more than) make up for it on weekends and holidays. And its not a holiday unless it starts off with a big breakfast for me – that’s the rule. No Ifs. No Buts. —- Featured On: The Daily Post: Upturned Noses

Photos with the ‘Aha’ moment

Going through some old holiday photos, I realise we have SO MANY of them. Some sparking some good memories, others we have no recollection of! With digital cameras, snapping a picture has been too easy and we just snap anything and everything – well, at least that’s the case for me. And in dong so, each photo seems to lose some value. But there are some, that gives you the “Aha” moment. Like this sign post SS captured during our holiday in New Zealand back in 2009. I recall just standing there at the north-most tip of New Zealand, soaking in the absolute vastness of the sea and feeling rather insignificant actually, trying to work out which part of the earth we were – where was Sydney, where was London, there is a city called Bluff??. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me honestly, since I was so used to seeing where city is located in perspective of a 2D map, or the old school globe or google maps. Now, I am starting to sound a bit …