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WeMo, the smart switch

Let me get straight to it. I love the Belkin WeMo switch. This little smartie is a wifi enabled switch that allows you to turn on or off electronic devices. And as simple as its description is, so is it’s usage. Plug the switch into the power outlet and connect the device – the tv, the heater, fan & what have you, to the switch. Then install the WeMo app (android or iOS) to control the electronic device using the app over wifi or mobile network. The simplest function available is to turn device ON or OFF but beyond this, it is also possible to create additional rules to turn devices ON or OFF automatically following certain conditions. So you can start getting creative. I’ve found this specially useful to control devices that need running overnight. We’ve used this together with fan, night lamp, light in Oscar’s room, and recently to control the heater & vapourizer for bub. Basically, we have both the heater + vapourizer connected to the same WeMo switch via a multiplug and …

‘The husband’s secret’ & my reading corner

I just finished up reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It was interesting. Does not fall among my favourite but was still a good read. Had lots of “domestic drama” in it. It felt like I was watching the series of Desperate Housewives. I actually quite liked reading the epilogue at the end. None of us ever know all the possible courses our lives could have, and maybe should have, taken. P.S. And that’s my favourite corner of the house. Perfect for reading with a good cup of coffee and loads of calorie laden cookies. I like it messy. And my mom will be happy to see me use the very flowery bed sheet she gave me. Happy Weekend Everyone!

A “starry” ceiling

Hey, it wasn’t easy. But its done! The old lights have been replaced with these gorgeous new downlights. Next step is to install the Z-Wave switches to get our geek on with lighting automation!! Btw, the electricians we used was City Light Electrical. They were introduced through referral and since they were starting a new company, we were also their first few clients and they made sure we got competitive quotes. And they were nice. We like good quotes and nice people 😉 — Featured On: The Daily Post: Ready, Set, Done