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Oscar lately.

With the bub in the house, Oscar realises that he is no more the centre of attention. Fortunately, this hasn’t made him angry or aggressive but he definitely feels we are not giving him  much time. Call me crazy but I can “see” him show his emotions.   Oscar is a very affectionate and loving dog. So if there is a little bit of jealousy about the love for him being shared with someone else, it is very understandable. Playtime and cuddle time has reduced and his access around the house is restricted and this change is not a happy one for him. I try my best to make time for him – and only him – everyday. Hoping this change wont be too long for him. Can’t wait for these two babies to become friends! Advertisements

Oscar’s first training video

Just having a chat with a cousin of mine on dogs (she loves animals), got me looking through old videos. And I found this. This is the very first training we gave to Oscar. He was about 12 weeks old I suppose. He was such a cutie then. I mean, he still is. But just look at his size! Good thing about Beagles (and most dogs, I am told) is that they would do anything for a treat.

Optimistic about our furry little chaos :)

To be very honest, the first few months that we had Oscar, we thought this was a bad idea (although I never admitted this out loud), because we just could not train him. He couldn’t understand us and we couldn’t understand him. We just felt like ‘bad parents’ and felt guilty for being frustrated over him & his mini disasters all over the house. But now, nearly 1 year down the track, we are getting so much better. And we are so much more optimistic 🙂 In fact, I feel a sense of pride on getting Oscar to where he is now. I just wanted to share with you a proud moment during his meals. Oscar never jumps up for food. He waits patiently until he is given the “command” to eat. Watch this video. Of course, we don’t “torture” him so much on his every meal as in this video. But he is definitely asked to wait until the food bowl is on the floor. And he waits ever so patiently!    

Its a wart.

Its a wart. And its in his tongue. Yiiikes. No, you don’t want to see the pictures of this. We took Oscar to the vet only to get a very “not-so-important” response on this wart like thing on his tongue. Turns out its not uncommon in dogs. And it doesn’t cause any harm to Oscar. Its just an “unwanted growth”. The vet asked us to wait for a weeks to see if the wart grows or spreads. And it has 😦 Thankfully only on this tongue. But I think that makes it tougher. The options we have are to wait for it to just fall off or to do a biopsy and get it surgically removed. The vet has suggested we wait for it to fall off. But its really hard to do that since its viral and he could be spreading it to other dogs. And it’s not easy to ignore even though Oscar himself is probably totally unaware of this.The cost to get this done however is a whopping $1100! We are hoping that …

Oscar is 1!

Our little pooch turned 1 yesterday! He is now a “young dog”. How amazing is that! We started changing his diet to Royal Canin Adult couple of weeks go in preparation for his covering 12 months of age. He was on Royal Canin Junior prior to this. But he hasn’t been eating well for the last couple of days. Took him to the vet today and its probably got to do with us rather than him. We have been treating him too much. #Guilty. So starting today, we are going to be very strict. No treats until he eats his meals. Its going to be more tough on us than him honestly. And hey, he can sit all by himself in the car – with proper seat belts, of course. I don’t need to have him on my lap anymore. Yaay… That’s a milestone! He is still getting used to moving around in the car with the seat belts around him. He usually gets tangled which is hilarious to watch. I know it sounds wicked, but I take …

The love & hate relationship with the ‘Oscar-Cam’

I have a love hate relationship with this cool IP camera that we have installed at home. I’ll tell you why. Once we decided to leave Oscar out in the backyard while we were away to work, we needed a way to watch him. So on a colleague’s recommendation, SS ordered this IP camera. Its called the Foscam (Model FI9831W). We call it the ‘Oscar-Cam’ 😀 . Its been fitted in a position that allows us an almost 360 view around the garage, where Oscar’s kennel is & the backyard. . And once installed, you can use an app on your smartphone to access the camera or can access via any standard web browser on a PC or MAC. Of course, you need to have internet access. You can rotate the camera around, you can ‘hear’ & ‘speak’ to the other end, you can capture a video or a screenshot. Hey and it even has night vision! I must say, the audio quality isn’t superb but it allows really smooth high definition video transmission. And SS says it was …

Oscar is 10 months!

3 doggie beds, 2 cushions, 4 pairs of bedroom slippers, 3 slippers, 1 shoes, 2 food bowls, 1 leash, 1 tshirt, 2 sweatshirts, 1 sock, 1 roll toilet paper, and uncountable number of toys. Gone. Oscar is 10 months old today. And he weighs 16.5 kilos. He is a strong boy now. And he is truly a part of the family. He has learnt a few commands and also figured out that I am the “soft” one that can be dominated and SS is the “master”. He plans his stubbornness accordingly. You know what I mean? Anyways, I thought I should share some updates on Oscar. One thing that we can’t seem to properly train him on is not to jump. He doesn’t bite, but he will jump and hung, and lick any friends or stranger that approaches him. This behaviour terrifies my little nephew and in fact terrifies us to see this 16 kilo animal get hyper active. Not sure how we will get him trained up on this. Wish us luck.

Oscar tired after some training

Oscar is only being his normal self. A puppy.

We called in the professionals last week to help us train Oscar better and get rid of his “bad” behaviour. By bad behaviour I mean running away with socks, getting up on couch, jumping and his many pee episodes. By the end of the one hour session, we were convinced that nothing was a bad behavior and that Oscar is just being his normal self i.e. a little puppy. A puppy from whom we expect a lot. Even though he is only a dog, we want him to understand the human language and behave like a human being. We were getting frustrated about it being so hard to train him. But for the first time, we realised that Oscar must be equally frustrated because he is just not understanding what the heck these human wants him to do. If we don’t train him well and consistently, he will never learn. So basically, we had to train ourselves to train him. Besides learning to use the few basic commands for Sit, Down, Come & calling his name for attention, a …

Our lives (and this blog) has been taken over. Completely.

Its true. Ever since we brought home Oscar, our lives have been completely taken over. SS and I are both movie buffs but we have not watched a movie ever since we have Oscar! No kidding. Both of us were mentally prepared to take on this overwhelming task of bringing home a puppy but I don’t think we were physically prepared. Taking care of a puppy means constant watching. Did he pee? Did he poo? Did be bite? Did he chew? Its endless. It is QUITE a bit of work but while we are helping him grow, in a way, he is helping us too. Here is how. Oscar being handful has made us more active. SS takes him for a run every morning of weekdays. Without Oscar, getting SS out of bed would have been quite a task. I leave work exactly at 5pm. Without Oscar, my work hours would easily extend beyond 5pm. I also avoid any other teleconference meetings from home. I take him for a run/walk after work. Without Oscar, I would have preferred to …

Nails, Fleas and Nipples

That title sounds absurd but will make sense shortly. We took Oscar to get his nails clipped and found out that our assumption of long nails is actually not long for puppies and he did not need clipping. And he has got fleas instead. Poor guy. We knew something was wrong when he was the only guy scratching away at his puppy school (yes, there is such a thing). I feel we have let him down. He was on a once a month “dose” of Advocate, which is a treatment for fleas & worms and we’ve had to increase this to twice a month. And lastly, those tiny lumps you see next to his groin are not tumour. They are his nipples. Sorry no pictures of his nipples. No matter how cute some things are, its best not to share them publicly.