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The perfectly geometrical symmetry of the art gives a weird, almost 3D effect to the picture – as if its its motion… or is it just me? I captured this art during the Sculpture by the Sea event in Sydney. This event is just beautiful. Something I look forward to every year – even though I am not an art connoisseur. Take a look in into the rest of the photos in my earlier post on Sculpture by the Sea.  Take a look at Sculpture by the Sea >> The Daily Post: Symmetry Advertisements

Sculpture by the Sea

The annual Sculptures by the Sea event is on in Sydney at the moment and a must see. Amazing sculptures against the backdrop of the beautiful sea and a perfect Australian November weather. And if you get tired along the 2km walking trail, the thought of the Bondi or Tamarama beach at the end of the trail should be reason enough to keep you going. Here are some of my captures.  More photos in my flickr album here >>

A ‘cockpit-like’ view of descent to Sydney

A couple of months back, I flew Emirates A380 Airbus from Dubai to Sydney. The inflight entertainment on the flight is the worlds best apparently. Not surprised, as there was an awesome lineup of movies and I had widescreen – that’s all that matters anyways, isn’t it? But one thing I really enjoyed was watching the plane descend on a cockpit-like view and do the landing – right ahead of you through the inflight screen, not the side window. I took these with my iPhone to share with my sister – she is a fanatic when it comes to planes. I thought it would be fitting for the photo challenge on the Descent theme. Please excuse the bad quality of the photo though, I had just seconds to capture it! I have never been inside the cockpit of a plane and never known what it would actually be like to sit on the pilot’s seat and watch a plane land – for real. So this is experience is probably the closest that I will get to having “my own flying experience”. Now …

Our victory over the month of July

This July was particularly taxing both for SS and me. Firstly, we got the keys to our new place. We renovated. We moved. SS moved jobs. And I was travelling (for business, not pleasure unfortunately) most of the time. I was literally in 3 different continents in 3 weeks – no kidding. But we survived and the first August weekend, we granted ourselves a weekend ski trip to up to Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains. It was amazing. This was by no means our dream vacation. But it was one of our best. To be able to release all that stress accumulated over the previous month, it was like being offered a chilled lemonade after completing a marathon under 40degrees heat – not that I know how that feels, but we can imagine! We survived July. We felt Victorious. Featured in: The Daily Post: Dreamy

Photos with the ‘Aha’ moment

Going through some old holiday photos, I realise we have SO MANY of them. Some sparking some good memories, others we have no recollection of! With digital cameras, snapping a picture has been too easy and we just snap anything and everything – well, at least that’s the case for me. And in dong so, each photo seems to lose some value. But there are some, that gives you the “Aha” moment. Like this sign post SS captured during our holiday in New Zealand back in 2009. I recall just standing there at the north-most tip of New Zealand, soaking in the absolute vastness of the sea and feeling rather insignificant actually, trying to work out which part of the earth we were – where was Sydney, where was London, there is a city called Bluff??. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me honestly, since I was so used to seeing where city is located in perspective of a 2D map, or the old school globe or google maps. Now, I am starting to sound a bit …

Kites and a feel of Dassain – ‘The Nepalese Christmas’

Its the festive season in Nepal. To my friends here in Sydney, I describe Dassain as being the Nepalese Christmas – well, at least the feel of it. Its generally good weather in Nepal – sunny with cool breeze, lots (and lots of) of food, drinks, family time, gambling and kites – yes handmade colourful kites. These kites are quite a thrill during these few days in Nepal. And its super fun. After several long years, we got to experience a bit of these authentic Nepalese kites in Sydney – thanks to a local community organisation.