Life as we know it, Oscar
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Oscar lately.

With the bub in the house, Oscar realises that he is no more the centre of attention. Fortunately, this hasn’t made him angry or aggressive but he definitely feels we are not giving him  much time. Call me crazy but I can “see” him show his emotions.


While we all enjoyed bubsy smiling and cooing, I watched Oscar sit in that position staring at god-knows-what for what seemed like eternity for an otherwise energetic puppy dog.


Any chance he gets, he will look to get close to me. I guess he misses the many cuddles.


There are ways he tries to get our attention. My mum & dad have lost numerous socks. And he recently destroyed bubsy’s bunny. And he weed on his bed – in front of guests…arrggghh


Despite everything, he is curious and is slowly warming up to bub.

Oscar is a very affectionate and loving dog. So if there is a little bit of jealousy about the love for him being shared with someone else, it is very understandable. Playtime and cuddle time has reduced and his access around the house is restricted and this change is not a happy one for him. I try my best to make time for him – and only him – everyday. Hoping this change wont be too long for him. Can’t wait for these two babies to become friends!



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