Month: December 2016

Mama’s made dinner

This mama has learnt to cook for her baby. And is super proud. Preparing baby food is really simple. But I must have done hours of reading before gathering the courage to actually make it myself and feed it to my baby girl. Here is one I prepare for dinner which she loves. Stage 1 Homemade Baby Food – Sweet potato with carrots 1 cup diced sweet potato – washed and peeled 1/2 cup diced carrots – washed and peeled Add ingredients into a saucepan and pour water just enough to cover the food Cook until food is soft – soft so that carrots and potatoes are nearly disintegrating I usually use a pressure cooker to cook allowing for at least 3 whistles. In my first two attempts, I did not cook it enough and ended up with a not-so-smooth puree and my LO basically choked on her food. Failed big time there (and I nearly got a heart-attack) Strain the water out but do not throw it Puree the cooked veggies into a smooth paste. Use the …

Beyond the pink and the flowers

While shopping around for my 6mo baby girl, I had an eye opening moment – to see in real – how we pre-define what girls and boys should like …right from size NB. Seemed like all the pretty pink and the flowers were for girls. The smart things were for boys.

Sharing space

Its been over 5months since Oscar has had to share “his space” with a new human in the house. This has meant a bit of adjustment not just for Oscar but for us as well. But we are getting better everyday. Oscar’s (almost) daily walk continues which he loves. We walk about 4.5km. Its great workout not just for him, but for me too. I have not been able to loose the baby weight yet 😦 He is also more comfortable around baby AS. He has stopped jumping up to see her or sniff her. And gives the most gentle licks to her feet – of course, with our supervision. We do not leave the baby alone with Oscar. Ever. He is more free to roam around the house. Of course there are still restrictions such as the couch and bed. The twist in the story now is that baby AS is more interested in Oscar. She will bend over backwards – literally  – to see Oscar. Has her giggles going when Oscar follows. We have even …